Pre Ico Bonus

06-Feb-2018 - 06-Mar-2018

1 abot = 0.3 USD

45 % BONUS
07-Mar-2018 - 13-Mar-2018

1 abot = 0.5 USD

35 % BONUS
14-Mar-2018 - 20-Mar-2018

1 abot = 0.75 USD

25 % BONUS
21-Mar-2018 - 27-Mar-2018

1 abot = 1 USD

15 % BONUS
28-Mar-2018 - 03-Apr-2018

1 abot = 1.25 USD

10 % BONUS
04-Apr-2018 - 10-Apr-2018

1 abot = 1.50 USD


Our Roadmap

Fabruary 2018

AbotCoin ICO launch

March 2018

Github open source introduction

April 2018

Introducing lending plan

May 2018

Currency exchange platform launch

Currency Exchange



If a crypto token derives its value from an external, tradable asset, it is classified as a security token and becomes subject to federal securities regulations. Failure to abide by these regulations could result in costly penalties and could threaten to derail a project. However, if a startup meets all its regulatory obligations, the security token classification creates the potential for a wide variety of applications, the most promising of which is the ability to issue tokens that represent shares of company stock.

Many industry observers - Byrne included - believe that mainstream companies will one day issue shares through ICOs, either in place of or in addition to traditional public offerings.

Referral Program

3 %
Level 1
2.5 %
Level 2
2 %
Level 3
1.5 %
Level 4
1 %
Level 5

Token Structure

12th of February 2018 11PM EET (UTC/GMT+2)

Details Abot Coin

Token name

Abot Token

Abot Symbol


Token Symbol Image

Starting Price Pre-ICO

1 abot for USD


300,00000 USD

Total Supply

30 Million AbotCoin Token

Maximum abot for Sale

1.4 billion (70% of total coins)

Fundraising Goal

300,00000 USD

Accepted Currencies

ETH,BTC, Dash Coin & Litecoin


1,000,000 USD


You can create a AbotCoin wallet by signing up in and filling up your details to create account and verifying some important things for your account security.
AbotCoin is a new blockchain technology which is designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, transparent governance and global security.
AbotCoin is ready to use by everyone as it is easy to send real money quickly anywhere in the world and can be used to make purchases with a variety of online retailers.
The affiliate program is open to everyone and is a type of performance based marketing in which a customer gets rewarded for introducing each visitor that purchases a product from their website or project as a result of the affiliate's program efforts.